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 "Please Don't litter"

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"No More Litter".

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If everyone on Earth threw garbage and litter indiscriminately wherever they went, the world as we know it would soon be in ruins.

Litter in our surroundings is an important environmental issue, which many people overlook. While a majority of people do know that littering is a bad thing, many continue to carelessly scatter their trash around nonetheless.

There are a host of problems that stem from littering, and the environment has been suffering as a result of some people's inability to control this habit. Money is also wasted because of it. The government has to employ people to pick up trash, and  that means funding from tax revenue not to mention loss of revenue from tourism and economic development. No company or tourist wants to visit or relocate to a litter infested area. Here's a few things we can do for "No More Litter" in Kentucky!

Close your trash cans securely.
Empty your truck bed or cover the load before you drive.
If you have a boat, make sure all loose items are out of it before hauling it home.
Keep a trash bag handy in your vehicle.
Don’t throw something into an outdoor trash can that is already too full.
If you smoke, always deposit cigarette butts in a proper receptacle and keep an ashtray in your vehicle.
Report illegal trash dumps to the Department of Environmental Protection. 1-800-NO-DUMPS
Carry reusable grocery bags to reduce waste from plastic bags.

Place plenty of trash cans where needed, especially around gymnasiums, cafeterias and outdoor sports areas.
Inform students of the hazards of litter and what they can do to prevent it.
Encourage student projects such as writing about the benefits of being litter free, making trash bags for cars or creating art that promotes litter-free living.

Use signs and public service messages to spread the litter-free message to your community.
Host litter-free events such as community cleanups.
Promote recycling and make it easily accessible.

Encourage litter-free living for your employees, both at home and at work.
Provide and maintain trash receptacles and recycling bins in strategic locations for customers.
Support litter-prevention efforts in your community.